A film still of Psalm 19, video projection on paper, 6min, 2013


Sublime in the diminutive

The Sublime is at once intimidating and captivating; undeniably and uniquely subjective I want to create works that are dominating yet serene. Drawing inspiration from the Australian seascapes, I find the materiality of ceramics provides a vocabulary of exploration into the spiritual in the most humble of ways. Doing in depth research on high fire glazes I am concerned, if a little obsessed, with the challenge of pushing forms and technology to their limits, like how the currents move freely my porcelain bends and melts into organic forms in the kiln at high temperatures. Capturing the beauty of the sea through compositions of space, negative space and grouping of forms, reminiscent of elements in nature; fragments of waves and the sky.

Everything that is made, whether material or immaterial, echoes within their shapes and constructs much of their creator. My work is about exploring unique ways to express the beauty and spiritual essence of  waves by creating an illusion of atmosphere, space and movement in my work. I have discovered a new language; playing with traditional polite scale and form but deepening perspective through the translucent quality in the porcelain and glaze.

“Ceramics are fascinating because they are fragile. If the piece were made of metal, it would not be as beautiful nor would it project a feeling of fragility or a sense of insecurity.”

-Fukami Sueharu


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