Constructed of meticulously made flowers of fantasy and littered with birds and wings, Eden evokes the image of utopia to explore the ubiquitous idea of life, death and time. A meditative performance that celebrates the ephemeral, the sculpture made of raw clay was exposed to dripping water and slowly disintegrates over time, returning back to the earth.

Drawing inspiration from the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden, where the concepts of life and death were first introduced, the sculpture acts as a metaphorical representation of the self and extends onward to consider the transitory nature of human existence.

R.Li - Eden 2018001002003004005006

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Exhibition in Bangkok

Our month long international art residency program at Hua Hin culminated in to an exhibition of both international and local Thailand artists. What a privilege it is to be part of this group of amazing artists.

Photos from the exhibition opening below.

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Hua Hin International Arts Residency

Had the most amazing time at the inaugural Hua Hin Interational Arts Residency program in Thailand! A big thank you to director Naidee Changmon for allowing us twelve artist to freely explore and experiment with new concepts and work, it has been the most wonderful experience.

Below are photos of sketches and work-in-progress shots of my work EDEN.

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Thank you to everyone who came to see my Florilegium series at MAY SPACE!

Some photos from the opening below, enjoy!


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A big thank you to everyone who came and supported my exhibition opening!

For more photos click HERE


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Tian II


Tian II, celadon glaze on Jingdezhen porcelain, 2016

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13934795_10205077417015208_3518138751876648135_nTower, celadon glaze on jingdezhen porcelain, 2016

Private collection – Jingdezhen, China

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Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition Invitation


Please join gallery director Jin Lee and artist Ruth Ju-shih Li  at the opening celebration

16 SEPTEMBER Friday 6 – 8pm

A culmination of her research in Jingdezhen, China
exploring cross-cultural and social issues in contemporary
Chinese life as observed during her three month
invitational residency at Taoxichuan international studio.

Exhibition 16 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2016

Exhibition to be opened by Stephen Bird
lecturer at the National Art School



Panacea, Jingdezhen porcelain, 2016


Tower III, Jingdezhen porcelain, 2016




Untitles (Fool’s Gold), Gold lustre and glaze on Jingdezhen porcelain, 2016

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Hiding Place

Hiding Place.Ruth.Li

Center: Hiding place, pigment on perspect panels, dimensions variable, 2015

Right corner: Wave I

Left corner: Wave II

Furthest sculpture: Resound II

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Wave II

Wave II

Wave II, Celadon Blue on Southern ice Porcelain, 2014

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